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The Wessex team look after our foster carers from Barnstaple in North Devon all the way down to Torquay in South Devon, across to Yeovil and up to Bridgewater in Somerset and also includes Tiverton, Exeter and Cullompton.

This team comprises of your dedicated SSW’s (supervising social worker) support worker, therapeutic practitioner and our team manager Claire, plus, of course, support from the rest of The Fostering Foundation family.

They focus on getting to know you, the young person coming into your care and making certain you have all of the support you need to deliver first-class foster care. For some, this might just mean being at the end of the telephone to listen to recent successes because they are always worth shouting about, however small(!) or it is being close enough to other foster carers so you can meet up with us and have a well-earned cuppa as you share certain approaches which have worked in recent situations. The Social work team are dedicated to their carers and offer training and support groups in locations across the South West.

Our team have created helpful guides to enable children and young people understand who we are at Fostering Foundation and how we are here to support them in every step of their journey.

You can download the guides from the buttons below.

How we work

This support and care most certainly continues throughout the relationship from TFF to carer to young person. To be a carer you must … care! And we know that is at the heart of our ethos and that of our carers. If you choose to foster through TFF you will get to know Annette and her team and they will be on hand 24/7 to guide you through the journey of becoming a foster carer.

When we say journey – it can be a bit of one, but, and isn’t there always(!), it would be a little strange if it was easy to become a fostering family, wouldn’t it?

Our approach will always be to decline the opportunity to take on a new child placement if we do not have suitable foster carers to place that child with. Profit will NEVER be our driver – care in the right home with the right people will ensure a child is placed for a longer and a happier period than just placing for the sake of placing.

To help every placement go as smoothly as possible we have the TFF in-house support workers and therapeutic counsellors at hand as well.

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