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The Fostering Foundation team in the South West

Our “South West” office is based in Tavistock and is the Registered Office for the entire Fostering Foundation family.

Led by Claire, the team are dedicated to making your journey into fostering with the Fostering Foundation as smooth as possible. And once you join the family – because that is what we are – the whole team at the Tavistock office is at your disposal to help you through the challenges of fostering.

As a tight-knit group, you can be certain you will never be a number – everyone in the office will know your name, your children(s) names and your situation – we are here to help you. Be it a listening ear or just to drop into the office for a cup of tea (we do have coffee as well!).

Our team have created helpful guides to enable children and young people understand who we are at Fostering Foundation and how we are here to support them in every step of their journey.

You can download the guides from the buttons below.

Who we are and what we do

It’s all too easy to talk about the massive highs you can enjoy from fostering, however, with all the highs there are often lows and we don’t intend to shy away from this. What we have put in place is a superb team of caring professionals that range from our social workers through to our therapeutic practitioner.

Our social workers have some of the smallest caseloads in the fostering sector which ensures you can get hold of them when you need them and they can spend time with you to discuss anything that’s on your mind that you want to offload.

Our therapeutic care is in-house – no waiting for appointments or referrals, just care and advice when it’s needed from professionals who know what you are going through, who know about your foster child’s history and who can act quickly and professionally to support you. Donna, our therapeutic practitioner, has a permanent creative therapy room at the office.

Although we do like a bit of fun as well! We have regular events enabling you to get to know the team and other foster care families in the area. You will be amazed at how this network can resolve almost anything that is thrown at them – in fact we are sure they could deal with North and South Korea on one of our coffee mornings!

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