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With three teams dedicated to our fostering families in the South West – you can be confident your town/village is already being passed or visited by one of our dedicated social workers and counsellors.

Close to you, wherever you are…

With a team of more than 20 staff dedicated to fostering in the South West, you can be confident that you will never have to travel far to attend a local event or to meet-up with another foster carer household.

In addition, being a local agency with locally based Supervising Social Workers, we are likely to have someone passing by your door or have a foster carer training and support group location nearby you to ensure you have all the support you need.

If you use our clever little button on your right, it will highlight your local office – but don’t worry, if it is more convenient due to family/work etc, we welcome you at all of our offices – we are all a friendly bunch!


Want to know the closest Fostering Foundation location? Well, it can be done with just a click, use the search button below and our clever little map below will help you find it…

South West

Our South West home reaches across up to North Devon and down to the towns and villages around Plymouth. It is also our Head Office so any questions please get in touch.


Our team in Wessex look after our foster families across the region which covers the counties and towns of Somerset, Devon, Tiverton, Exeter & Cullompton.


Our Bristol home provides the base for our team of social workers who look after foster families into Wilts, Glos, North Somerset and of course the majority of Avon.

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