VeritySupervising Social Worker

    Supervising Social Worker – Devon

    Name: Verity Lyle

    Job Title: Supervising Social Worker

    How did you become a social worker?

    I have been a birth child in a fostering family for many years, which gave me some insight into Social Work. I initially wanted to work within the Police and did some work experience with them, however decided that I should do something different first and applied for the Social Work Degree and began studying at Plymouth University. I qualified in 2011 and have been a Social Worker ever since.

    How long have you worked as a social worker / with Fostering Foundation?

    I have been a Social Worker for 9 years, working for Cornwall Council as a Social Worker, in a range of teams, but for a number of years I’ve worked within the Child Protection and Court Team.
    I have very recently moved to The Fostering Foundation and look forward to working with the team.

    Do you have any pets?

    We have a Sprocker Spaniel dog called Lucy and some fish which my girls have named after themselves!! We would like to get some chickens in the Spring.

    Do you have a connection to fostering – other than working in this field?

    My parents have been foster carers for many years, and since my early teenage years I have lived within a fostering family, and whilst I don’t live with them anymore, I remain very much involved with all they do! There were highs and there were lows, but it is very rewarding. One day, I would like to be a foster carer in the future.

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