SherreeService Manager

Job Title: Service Manager

1. How did you become a social worker?
I decided to take a Social Work Degree after having three children under three, with the youngest being three at the time, and feeling that I was offering a lot of advice to other parents, which could be put to use within a Social Work setting. I believe that bringing up children is the hardest job in the World, and people need a lot of understanding around this difficult task.

2. Most rewarding aspect of your job?
Seeing young people gain in confidence

3. What makes the ideal foster carer household?
Carers and household members, who don’t have expectations that a young person cannot meet, but accept young people for who they are. They provide person centred care advocating for their young person, and putting the needs of their young person first, even when they have competing family demands.

4. What words of advice would you give to anyone considering becoming a foster carer?

Patience is very important and a sense of humor. The young people will test you to the limit, but it’s surprising what skills you might never have thought you had, that you can draw upon.

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