Nicole BSupervising Social Worker

    Supervising Social Worker – Devon

    Name: Nicole Burns

    Job Title: Supervising Social Worker

    How long have you worked as a social worker / with Fostering Foundation?

    I have just started with the Fostering Foundation (February 2021). I have received a warm welcome so far and am really looking forward to getting to know everyone.

    Do you have any pets?

    I have two dogs, a black Labrador called Harley Bear, and a very fluffy cuddly puppy called Flossy Pops.

    What qualifications did you take / achieve to become a social worker?

    I qualified as a social worker in 2008 and since then I have worked in roles in the local authority, fostering, adoption and charity work. I am very passionate about therapeutic parenting and life story work.

    What makes the ideal foster carer household?

    A household where children and young people are accepted and valued for who they are, and a home where children feel safe, understood and cared about.

    What words of advice would you give to anyone considering becoming a foster carer?

    If you feel you have the qualities needed to be a Foster Carer then do it! It is a challenging and rewarding role and you will be part of an amazing network of people who are critical in improving outcomes for our most vulnerable children in society.

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