Lynn CSupervising Social Worker

    How did you become a social worker
    I trained as a social worker, in Birmingham, after working as a volunteer with young people.

    What’s different or good about working for TFF?
    Its great to work for an organization that puts people first

    Most rewarding aspect of your job?
    Seeing foster carers build amazing relationships with our young people

    Do you have any pets / favourite animal (delete as appropriate)?
    Two dogs one cat

    What makes the ideal foster carer household?
    A family that has fun together

    Something people might be surprised to know about you?
    I used to farm – sheep and cattle

    Nicest compliment given by a foster carer / child you have placed?
    Thank you for listening to me and finding me my foster family!

    What words of advice would you give to anyone considering becoming a foster carer?
    Just do it- make a difference for a child or young person.

    What I like best about my job
    Meeting people who really do care

    Horse riding, sailing, gardening and walking the dog!

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