GeoffChairman & Responsible Individual

What’s different about working for TFF?

Unlike any other service or business with which I have been involved, the prime motivation for all Fostering Foundation Staff and Carers is not about money; it’s about doing the best that can be done for children. That’s what makes The Fostering Foundation so special.

How long have you worked with Fostering Foundation?

I formed The Fostering Foundation from 2 rented rooms in North London with a big vision and a tiny resource in January 2000. I’ve been with The Fostering Foundation ever since.

Do you have any pets?

Of course – everyone should have pets. I have two black labrador girls who are pretty much my constant companions. They are very patient listeners when I ask their advice – and they never disagree with me.

Do you have a connection to fostering – other than working in this field?

No, and I take my hat off to foster carers – all of them. I don’t think I could do what they do. The closest I and my family get to fostering is looking after guide dogs and guide dog puppies for short periods when, for a variety of reasons, they have to be away from their blind owners of puppy walkers.

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