Claire R-ARecruitment and Retention Officer

    Name: Claire

    Job Title: Recruitment and Retention Officer

    How did you become a Recruitment and Retention Manager?

    I was a Foster Carer for around 3 years and now having two young children, I knew I wanted to remain within the children’s services field as I am so passionate about every child having a loving, stable home.
    When I saw this job advertised, I knew it would be perfect! Looking through the website, it really stood out to me what a family orientated company this was and I wanted to work for them!

    Most rewarding aspect of your job?

    I know how nerve-wracking it can be making that initial enquiry about wanting to be a foster carer. I want to make people feel at ease, chatting about the fostering process, what our company has to offer and answering any questions they have. The most rewarding aspect is hearing back that this is something for them and they really want to proceed with us!

    What words of advice would you give to anyone considering becoming a foster carer?

    Support support support!! I would advise carers to ask for support when they need it, there will undoubtably be highs and lows, so using their support network is crucial. I would also advise foster carers to make friends with other carers too, it is the best support you will get as you are all in very similar situations with a huge amount of experience between you all!
    Being a foster carer is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs I think anyone can do. Seeing little changes in that young person living with you, seeing them achieve milestones, learning to read for the first time or simply coming home from school with a smile on their face makes it all worthwhile.
    And Finally, enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is fostering!

    Interests / Hobbies?

    Having recently relocated from the busy West Midlands to a seaside town in Devon, I have taken up walking (mainly coastal paths for the best views!) but a simple walk along the beach a few times a week is priceless! I will be forever grateful for living in such a beautiful part of the country and cannot wait for my first summer here and trying out all the activities Devon has to offer!

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