AnneSupervising Social Worker

How did you become a social worker?
I studied for A levels in Psychology and Sociology, then a Degree in Sociology and Development Studies, and completed a Masters in Social Work, as a mature student.

What’s good or different about working for fostering foundation?
At the Fostering Foundation, I have found that the Team are friendly and supportive, foster carers really are part of the Team, the office is a welcoming environment and everyone seems to know each other. It feels like family.

Most rewarding aspect of your job?
I enjoy supervising foster carers, who do an amazing job and there is no greater job satisfaction than working together with foster carers to achieve the best outcomes for them and the children in their care, seeing children settle and progress and achieve their potential, and feel a sense of belonging to family, all thanks to their carers.

Nicest compliment from a foster carer?
`Anne is the best social worker I have ever had… she gets things done and is so approachable`

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