What our carers say

We are here to help you understand the steps needed to become a foster carer – please don’t hesitate to get in touch if your question is not answered below. And remember we have heard most questions so there is no such thing as a daft one!

What our carers say

Coming to Panel – a Carer’s Perspective
Take a look at what our foster carers say about the role of fostering, their relationship with their young person and the work of the team at the Fostering Foundation who support them.

The Form F assessment – a Carer’s Perspective
In fostering there are many acronyms and “in the know” phrases – none of them are meant to scare you! Form F is your final application to be accepted as a foster carer.

Foster Carer Charter
Written by our own foster carers, this document shows what they expected from us – and we thought yes, this seems fair and reasonable so let’s make it Our Charter to our foster carers.

Tavistock Times Article
We were asked by the Tavistock Time to provide an insight into fostering in the South West. Here is our ‘take’ on the importance of local fostering communities.

One Magazine Article Dec 2017
We wanted to spread the word about fostering in the South West with the Fostering Foundation so this was an advertorial that we placed in the December issue of One Magazine.

Meet our carers – Dagmar and Graeme
There can be few better ways of describing the highs from fostering and the challenges than hearing from foster carers themselves. Read Dagmar and Graeme’s story…

Meet our carers – Mike and Shirley
Take a few moments to view the video that Mike and Shirley starred in for us. It is an honest view of their lives as foster carers. Maybe you can be the stars of our next one!

Meet our carers – Graham
Graham’s story is an unusual one. An ex-serviceman who chose to continue his service in the community of fostering. Read how fostering can be the ideal ‘job’ for anyone who cares…

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