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Parent and child fostering is a special kind of fostering where you take in and support a parent and child. Most commonly it is a mother and baby who needs some more experienced parents to support her.

However, there are lots of other reasons and situations where parent and child fostering is required. Father and child, parent and older child, etc.

Parent and child fostering tends to be for a shorter duration and therefore can be perfect for someone looking for shorter placements.

So if you have parenting experience, care experience or experience of working in challenging roles such as the police, NHS, prisons, schools, etc; and are willing to take part in parent and child training, please contact us by using the form opposite or giving us a call on  03300 102045 : (Local Rates Apply)

or emailing :

If you are interested in other forms of fostering, please complete the form and mention this in your message

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