Wessex Young People’s Panel

Our Young Peoples’s Panel met some prospective carers being assessed by the Wessex team on Tuesday.

They all got to know each other by doing activities such as creating a self-propelled vehicle.

The results were fantastic as I’m sure you will agree. Thank you to everyone who took part.

IMG_9260 IMG_9258


IMG_9259 IMG_9261

The Young Peoples’ Panel is one way of ensuring that young people have a voice that is heard within the fostering assessment process of new fostering candidates. The ‘Young Peoples’ Panel’ also provides a chance to say how fostering has affected them and what might help improve future foster care.

During the panel process, the young people take part in activities and as a panel member, interviewing the foster carer candidates. The young people then have an open discussion with the Fostering Foundation staff members about their thoughts of the foster carers being assessed. The young persons’ views then informs part of the foster carers assessment that is presented to the adult panel and the decision maker.

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