What’s different or good about working for TFF? Working as part of our family-run organisation where all members of the team are working towards making a difference for children in care. With our [...]


Job Title: Service Manager 1. How did you become a social worker? I decided to take a Social Work Degree after having three children under three, with the youngest being three at the time, and [...]


How did you become a social worker? I have been in social work since 1986, initially working in child protection within the local authority. In 1995 I took up a post as a Fostering and Adoption [...]


How long have you worked with Fostering Foundation? I have worked with the Fostering Foundation since the day it started, as I often like to say, it’s my firstborn. I have seen the organisation [...]


What’s different about working for TFF? Unlike any other service or business with which I have been involved, the prime motivation for all Fostering Foundation Staff and Carers is not about [...]