Claire R-A

Name: Claire Job Title: Recruitment and Retention Officer How did you become a Recruitment and Retention Manager? I was a Foster Carer for around 3 years and now having two young children, I knew [...]

Nicole B

Supervising Social Worker – Devon Name: Nicole Burns Job Title: Supervising Social Worker How long have you worked as a social worker / with Fostering Foundation? I have just started with [...]


What’s different or good about working for TFF? Working as part of our family-run organisation where all members of the team are working towards making a difference for children in care. With our [...]

Lynn C

How did you become a social worker I trained as a social worker, in Birmingham, after working as a volunteer with young people. What’s different or good about working for TFF? Its great to work [...]


Jaipall – Supervising Social Worker   Before qualifying I worked with young people with learning difficulties in residential home. The work aspired me to become a social worker and I [...]


What qualifications did you take to become a social worker? I studied a Social Work and Applied Social Studies degree at the University of Bath in 2012 and graduated in 2015. Prior to this, I had [...]


What qualifications did you take to start working with TFF? With a background in administration work, I began working as an office manager for TFF in 2005. I found that I particularly enjoyed [...]

Jim R

The most rewarding aspect of your job?   Making a placement and seeing positive change in a young person being looked after because of the care from the foster carer and the support from the team [...]


What is different or good about working for TFF Working for TFF I enjoy very much, I feel valued in my role of an SSW and feel fully supported across TFF by each staff member and management. As a [...]

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