Fun at the The Wild Place, Bristol

Some of our young people in Bristol recently met up and had a wonderful day at The Wild Place, Bristol. “It was a hot day so we put on sun cream and had lots of drinks throughout the day. We saw [...]

Happy fostering anniversary

Sue and Dave Lorimer have recently celebrated 10 years of fostering with the Fostering Foundation.  They have been fostering for 18 years and still enjoy it today as much as when they started.  [...]

Free childcare for foster carers

In case you missed it, the Department for Education in England formally announced that foster carers will have access to the Government’s 30 hours free childcare offer for [...]

Bristol Summer Fete

    A fun time was had by all at our Summer Fete held on Sunday. It was the hottest on record and the balloon bobbing was an excellent way to keep cool !!