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We, unashamedly, celebrate every success that our carers, young adults and/or children achieve. This might be the first length of a pool, their first bike ride or a gymnastics award – we really don’t mind what it is.

This page is our chance to boast and shout from the rafters about every success or milestone that is achieved.

Easter Competition from the Fostering Foundation


We have an exciting new competition on the way for our young people!
We also have some prizes to be given out for the winners and runner ups
Your challenge is to make a spring themed picture, you can be as CREATIVE as you like, using leaves, twigs, grass, paint, wool, string, etc.


For more information, please see our poster







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Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child from Iran flourishes in Bristol

One of our #BristolFosterCarers is super proud of unaccompanied young person SR, who enjoyed celebrating his 18 birthday recently, with his #FosterFamily.

SR’s carers say they are really amazed how much he has achieved since arriving in the U.K. 2 years ago from Iran with nothing.

SR has learnt English and is applying to study a vocational course at college.

SR has decided to stay with his carers as a “#StayingPut” for a little longer to learn more independent skills which his #FosterCarers are supporting him with.

So far, SR has mastered budgeting, shopping and is learning to cook a variety of meals.

#RoastDinner anyone?

Congratulations SR, The #Fostering Foundation are really proud of your successes!

#UASC #BristolFostering






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Job Vacancy – Foster Carer Recruitment and Retention Officer based in the South West

The Fostering Foundation have an exciting vacancy working as part of our team as a Foster Carer Recruitment and Retention officer based in the South West. We have a strong commitment to finding and supporting those able to offer the best care to children and young people unable to remain in the care of their family.

We have ambitious plans for ensuring we have the right foster carers in the right place to meet the needs of children requiring foster homes, and need the right person to join our team and help us achieve those plans.

You will be an enthusiastic, motivated person who has the ability to communicate easily with a range of different people. You will need to have a good understanding of foster care and the needs of children placed in foster homes. Ideally, you will have worked in a child care or social care setting and have a passion for ensuring the best outcomes for children. You will be the first point of contact for those interested in understanding more about becoming a foster carer and be able to convey the ethos of our family owned agency. In addition you will be able to explain what is required to become a foster carer and what support and training will be available. A full job description is available on request.

In return the Fostering Foundation will offer you the training, support and supervision to carry out this important role. You will be part of a supportive team and management structure, where your role can truly influence children’s long term futures. We offer 25 days annual leave, plus 8 days per year bank holidays and a company pension scheme.

Application Deadline: 23/01/2021
Job Types: Full-time, Permanent
Salary: Up to £28,000.00 per year

COVID-19 considerations:
Currently all our staff are home based, and the majority of our work is undertaken remotely. When a face to face meeting is required, this is carefully risk assessed and complies with government restrictions. We support or staff to ensure they feel safe





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The Fostering Foundation Christmas Opening Hours & Support

Our offices are closed for Christmas and New Year from the end of play on Wednesday 23rd December and we re-open again on Monday 4th January 2021

However there will be a member of staff on call and on duty for each day, so if you need to get hold of us, please call 03300 10 20 45 (Local Rates Apply) or email info@fosteringfoundation.co.uk

We hope everyone has a wonderful festive season and New Year





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Why do Foster Carers think Teenagers can be difficult?

Teenagers who might have had difficult childhoods can really benefit from a carer providing them with care an attention, and its never too late to do this.

One young fostered Teenager, who moved into a Devon village, has immersed himself in the village community.

It all started when the young person went to stay with a carer, whose other young people were heavily involved in their community. They were involved in helping their community, by raking up the leaves and volunteering to help others. When the young person was asked to do this, he was not very impressed. However, the carer encouraged him and told him that he would be able to put how helpful he had been, on his CV describing how he had helped out in the community. This hooked the young person in, as they felt that the help provided would be valued by others.

This young person has taken this one step forward. He, likes to bake cup cakes, but his foster carer, cannot eat all the cakes that he makes, delicious that they are, so the Fostering Foundation’s Social Worker encouraged the young person, to locally take cakes around to his neighbours.

This led to the carer being approached in the park by a member of her community, who said that they had met the young lad, as he was helping out delivering cup-cakes, with a team of likewise community spirited people in the village. This person said that the foster carers teenager, was a very polite and lovely lad. The carer was very pleased to hear this and told the teenager, which boosted his confidence even more.

So, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks, or to teach a teenager who might not have had the greatest start in life to give back to their communities. After all this is what the current Covid-19 scare has taught us all, the importance of community.

So, if you want to foster, but feel that you might end up fostering a teenager, then you might be lucky enough to do so. Teenagers like to help and feel valued, just like the rest of us. By helping to foster one of our teenagers, perhaps you can feel as valued as they might, and you might need never to bake your own cakes again!






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The Fostering Foundation – Coronavirus Update – September 2020

Coronavirus Update
This page was last reviewed on 28th September 2020.

The Senior Management Team and the Board of Directors of The Fostering Foundation continue to review the advice from the Government as it is issued and as it may apply to our operations. The latest amendments to the Fostering Regulations 2020 came into force on 25th September 2020 and we are informed they will remain until 31st March 2021.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our Staff and dedicated Foster Carers alike at The Fostering Foundation who are continuing in their roles, and ensuring that they deliver both a service and ongoing care of the best quality at this challenging time.

We consider all Fostering Foundation Staff to be key workers. They are working as usual, during this time, although in some cases we are having to find new ways in which to operate in order to be compliant with current regulations and restrictions.

The services we provide for children and their Carers are essential services and every effort is being made to continue to provide these services to them on an undiminished basis. This includes training and development opportunities, support groups and annual reviews. All Foster Carers support from their Social Workers and our Therapeutic Practitioner will continue as before, as will recruitment, fostering panels and assessments. Currently a significant number of these activities take place “virtually” with as much support as possible made available to ensure that the events are accessible to both our Foster Carers and the young people they care for.

Our offices will continue to remain closed and Staff are working from home, offering daily support. They remain accessible, and feedback from our Carers is that they feel supported through this difficult time. Some home visits to Carers are now taking place if this is felt to be appropriate. These are carefully risk assessed on an individual basis.

We will continue to monitor the situation very carefully, and this page will be updated as any changes are made.

Georgina Dunk
Registered Manager on behalf of The Fostering Foundation.






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A Day in the Life of a Fostering Agency

A Day in the Life of A fostering Agency

With the pandemic at large its given people the chance to think about their communities and to re-evaluate their lives. People are moving to the countryside, from the towns and working more from home. We have had an influx of ordinary people who have thought about fostering a child or sibling group.

There are 56,160 children living in foster families, (2019) with 44,450 foster families in England. You might ask if foster carers are needed. The answer is a resounding yes.

This week I have placed three sibling groups of children, and one single placement and another sibling group with our carers. There have been lots that I cannot place, as we don’t have the carers. Several teenagers that need a home, several young sibling groups of two or three and a parent along with her four children.

Had 45 referrals in one day of young people looking to be placed in a nice clean home, where they have their own bedroom, food in the cupboard and a routine set by the carers. All this serves to ensure that our young people feel safe. I like placing sibling groups as its great to keep young people together so that they share the same history.

I once had brand new carers, who had been approved that week. I was on leave but had a call from the placement team to ask how we might place 5 children together. Suffice to say, we ordered more beds!

Foster carers can only be approved for up to three placements, or they would be considered to be a children’s home if there are more than three. However, if there is one sibling group of one family, they count as one group and there can be however many children placed, that a carer has the room and support to be able to take.

So, this new set of carers who were approved for three placements, ended up with five children, with beds being delivered to them as the children were coming in the door. It was very exciting for the team to have five children placed together. We were able to keep them with the carers, who hired a car to take them all to school.

So if you want to keep siblings together and would like to foster siblings then we have a need for carers who have large homes who can take sibling groups. Subject to risk assessments, and age/gender, siblings are able to share rooms.

So even if you have one large bedroom you might be approved to take two siblings.

So if you want to do something really worthwhile and make that difference to your community, why not work from home and become a foster carer. What are you waiting for!





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Competition Time – Name An Owl – Win £10!

Hello, everyone

I am unsure if you have met our Owls?

They are on our home page and they are very friendly, let me tell you about what’s happened….

We have five big owls, that live with our Bristol team, during lockdown they have been very busy, whilst we believed they were all tucked up, they were out being busy, we are now lucky to share with you our 5 baby owls.

These 5 baby owls are in need of names, can you please help? If you can please send your entries to jadams@fosteringfoundation.co.uk by Friday 25th September, we also need drawings of them, or any wildlife that you have seen whilst walking, this could be photos or drawings, whatever you would like.

The names for the owls, will be chosen by Will our Company Director, and the winners will receive a £10 voucher.

Owls are part of Fostering Foundation – they may offer guidance or be symbolic of great wisdom and intuition. These birds may warn of danger that can be overcome, or may foretell wealth or positive change. In some cultures, owls are even seen as messengers of the gods or liaisons to the spiritual world

We look forward to seeing your drawings, photos and hearing your thoughts on names.

Thank you for taking part.

Jo A





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Foster Carer Profile – Plymouth Parent & Child, Sibling & Respite Fostering

First names, ages and location –
Debbie (57) & Chris (70). We live in Plymouth.

Current / previous jobs –
Chris is one of the directors of a local publishing company but also supports Debbie as the main foster carer.

How did you get into fostering?
We had for a number of years acted as a host family for foreign students and apprentice footballers from the local football league team. This gave us valuable experience in not only sharing our home, but also dealing with young people of many different nationalities and cultures.

Why did you do it at first?
After discussion with our four birth children we felt we had a large, happy home that we could share with other young people, offering them a safe place to live in a family setting.

How long have you been fostering?
12 years

Have you only worked with the Fostering Foundation, if no how have FF compared with other IFAs / the Local Authority?
We have only worked with FF, but are aware from other foster carers who are with LA or other agencies, that we get five star support.

Please tell us what working with FF has been like? 
We’ve have been incredibly well supported throughout our time with Fostering Foundation and genuinely feel that we are part of a big family and that we all pull together in the best interests of the children in our care.

What has been the most challenging things about fostering?
Not being able to make a difference as quickly as we would have liked. Dealing with teenage issues such as sexual exploitation, self harming and mental wellbeing.

What has been the most rewarding things about fostering?
Seeing young people overcome their often traumatic backgrounds to gain confidence and achieve their full potential.

What type of fostering placements have you provided?
Placements for Parent’s with their children, teenage boys and teenage girls, together with a number of emergency respite placements for other carers.

Please tell us about some of your experiences. 
We have looked after many children including siblings and individual children on both a long term and short term basis – until they were 18 and beyond. Also children who have successfully returned to live with their family all of which – have been very rewarding. We have worked alongside schools to support young people who have missed out on education, in one situation enabling a young person to go on to an apprenticeship. We have cared for a young person with very complex needs who needed to move on to more specialist facilities, but he remains very important to us and we remain in regular contact.

What would you say to anyone thinking of fostering?
It is at times challenging, but incredibly rewarding in terms of the impact that it has on the lives of young people. With the right support from an agency such as Fostering Foundation being a foster carer is being part of a real team effort.






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