Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight™ is The Fostering Network’s annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering and to show how foster care transforms lives. It is also the UK’s biggest foster carer recruitment campaign, and we are so proud to be part of and support this campaign.

Digital Wellbeing

On 22nd January, some of our Wessex foster carers attended Digital Wellbeing training, run by Dialogue Training. The training was very interesting and thought provoking, covering a range of issues which affect young people and their carers.

At the end of the training, carers were able to:

  • Identify the issues which might affect young people online
  • Identify particular areas of risk for young people and the factors which increase their vulnerability
  • Acknowledge that social media and the use of technology is now an integral part of young people’s lives today
  • Describe how to keep young people safe online and enable them to benefit from the use of technology
  • Know where to go for information and support
  • Learn from best practice in regards to professional guidance
  • Report concerns to the appropriate authority

Here are some useful links for children, carers and professionals for where to go for support or for the latest information on e-safety:

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DDP Training

Two staff from the Wessex team attended Dyadic Developmental Practice Psychotherapy and Parenting this week (DDP)

The content of the course included: –

Theoretical foundations to DDP

Learn about and practice using the core components of DDP

Apply this framework to:

A therapeutic approach for children and parents

A parenting approach that can compliment the therapeutic approach

Working with teams, networks, services and organisations

The course was facilitated by Sue Drake – a clinical psychologist using a mix of approaches, role play, videos, handouts, group discussions. A thought provoking course.

The venue at Buckfast Conference Centre was lovely, with plenty of breaks and a lovely lunch! (pictured)

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Time for an Instant Family?

It has been said many times before that fostering can quickly create an “Instant Family” – and we know many cases where it is exactly that and it is lovely to see.

Well is seems Holywood have been listening to some of our coffee morning discussions as there is now a film on exactly this… And if you are heading over to Cineworld in Yate this weekend and want to know more about fostering then Julie will be there for you to have a chat with!

The film, Instant Family, is inspired by a true story and stars Mark Walhberg and Rose Byrne – there is a trailer on YouTube here.

She will be standing with a large Fostering Foundation logo behind during the afternoon and early evening – please say hello!

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I’m proud to foster

Yesterday we had a panel meeting in our Tavistock office so we took the opportunity to snap some of our carer and potential foster carers.

To celebrate Foster Care Fortnight 2018 #FCF18 we are introducing you to some of our carers. There are many myths and misconceptions around who can and cannot foster.

Foster carers are people like you.

For more information on why you can foster see our FAQs page here

Or read more about some of our carers here

If you would like to know more about becoming a foster carer and the assemmsnt and panel process we have some really useful resources for you here

#proudtofoster #FCF18



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